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This document is a technical Whitepaper (the “Whitepaper”) setting out the current and future developments and projects (the “Project”) of the Dexergi Project Limited ecosystem in connection with the development of its terminal (the “Terminal”) to potential Masternodes holders concerning the proposed Dexergi Project Limited Coin (the “Masternodes”) launch (the “Masternodes Sale”).

This Whitepaper is for informational purposes only and is not a statement of future intent.

The products and innovations set out in this Whitepaper are currently under development. Dexergi Project Limited makes no warranties as to the successful development or implementation of such technologies and innovations, and Dexergi Project Limited disclaims any warranties implied by law or otherwise.

Dexergi Project Limited disclaims all liability for any loss or damage that may arise from any person acting on any information relating to Dexergi Project Limited project. Dexergi Project Limited, its officers and employees will not be responsible in any way for loss of any crypto Masternodes, digital assets or fiat currency resulting from actions taken, or omission to act, by purchasers/users.

This Whitepaper is not subject to any specific legal system and is not governed by any specific law. Is DAO System.

The information in this Whitepaper does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship. Dexergi Project Limited reserves the right to change, modify, add, or delete any provisions of this Whitepaper at any time before, during or after the sale of Masternodes by posting the amended Whitepaper on the website.

Regulatory measures, investigations or actions may impact Dexergi Project Limited business and may limit or prevent it from developing its operations in the future.

Any person undertaking to acquire the proposed Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes must be aware that the Dexergi Project Limited business model and its existing platforms maynes to be modified because of the new regulatory and/or compliance requirements from all applicable laws in any jurisdiction. In such cases, purchasers or any persons attempting to purchase the proposed Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes, acknowledge and understand that neither Dexergi Project Limited nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any losses or damages caused by such changes.

The Information Contained in this Whitepaper shall not be relied upon and shall not confer rights or upon you or any of your employees, creditors, holders of securities or other equity holders or any other person. Dexergi Project Limited is under no obligation to amend, modify or update this Whitepaper or otherwise notify a reader or recipient hereof in the event that any matter stated herein, or ang opinion, projection, forecast or estimate set forth below, changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate.

Dexergi Project Limited, its directors, employees, contractors and representatives shall bear no responsibility to any person or recipient arising from any statement, opinion or information expressed or contained in or derived from or omitted from thisWhitepaper.

Each recipient shall rely solely on his own independent knowledge, investigation, judgment and assessment of the matters that are the subject of this document.

Plans, projections or forecast mentioned in this Whitepaper might not be achieved without limitation due to multiple risk factors.

You are not allowed to buy Dexergi Project Limited if you are:

  • a Green Card holder in the USA,
  • a citizen or a resident of the USA, or any other of his possessions, or Singapore, or People’s Republic of China, or South Korea, or a person of these states or
  • a citizen or resident of any country or territory where transactions with digital Masternodes and/or digital currencies are prohibited or restricted by applicable law (“Restricted Persons”).

Purchased Masternodes cannot be offered or distributed and cannot be resold or otherwise transferred by their holders to above mentioned persons. It is your sole responsibility to establish, by consulting your legal, tax, accounting or other professional advisors, what requirements and limitations apply to your particular jurisdiction, and ensure that have complied at your own expense and without liability to Dexergi Project Limited.

Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes is not a digital currency, security, commodity, or any other kind of financial instrument and has not been registered under the securities laws of any country.

This Whitepaper is not a proposal, and its purposes not to serve as securities offer or request for investments in the form of securities in any jurisdiction. However, laws and regulations of certain jurisdictions may, now or in the future, recognize Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes as securities. Dexergi Project Limited does not accept any liability for such recognition and/or any legal and other consequences of such recognition for potential owners of Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes. Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes cannot be used for any purpose other than as provided in this Whitepaper, including but not limited to any investment, speculative or other financial purposes. Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes confer no other rights in any form in Dexergi Project Limited or any company affiliated with Dexergi Project Limited, or other financial or legal rights, other than those specifically set forth below.

Dexergi Project Limited Masternodes do not give any right to participate in decision-making or any direction of business related the Dexergi Project Limited activities.

The English language Whitepaper is the primary official source of information about the project. It could be translated into other languages. In the event of any conflict between such translations and the official English language Whitepaper, the provisions of the English language original document shall prevail.

This Whitepaper may not be reproduced or redistributed any person or published without the prior written consent of Dexergi Project Limited. The manner of distributing of this Whitepaper may be restricted by laws or regulations in certain countries. Persons that come into possession of this Whitepaper are required to inform themselves about and observe such restrictions. By accessing this Whitepaper, the recipient hereof agrees to be bound by the foregoing limitations.

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