DEXERGI, making an impact with each payment.

Your payment gateway provider for cryptocurrencies with an integrated charity donation feature.

Through our decentralized voting application, you decide which cause you want to support.

Leave your legacy in this world by making a meaningful impact through using DEXERGI.

  • What is DEXERGI?

    DEXERGI is the first PoS based payment gateway solution, that offers automized charity donations to causes selected by the same network of DEXERGI users, through a decentralized voting mechanism.

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You decide the cause and amount of the charity donation.


We offer a fast integration process, low fees and a huge list of cryptocurrencies to choose from.


Create meaningful impact with each cryptocurrency transaction!


We all do it, we pay for products and services every day, it is part of our everyday lives. Imagine, each time you make a payment from now on, you can contribute to a greater cause, something that is of real importance to you. Imagine what of an impact it can have on your life and the lives of many others Every small amount counts you are helping towards., you can be the change, a valued little helper to make this world a better place.

Basic info Road Map



Q3 2018

Pre-development: Engineered coin emission (test net) and allocations to Masternodes, Development began July 2017.

Q4 2018

Preparation of charity plan and closure of strategic partners.


Q3 2019

22 of July genesis block Dexergi blockchain emission Implemented Masternodes and Governance systems. Dexergi 1.0 Mainnet launched on 29 of July, 2019! 20th of August official public website dexergi.io 1st of September pre-sale of masternodes and listing coin in exchanges.

Q4 2019

Start of listing of charity projects in Dexergi website and transparency dexergi protocol is applied for applicants candidates. The creation of the community begins! Creation of mobile Dexergi iOS & Android wallet.


Q1 2020

The development of the decentralized platform begins where the dexergi community can accept their donations.

The development of Dexergi Global Donations banks begins, to provide financial services to the most needy non-profit.


Q2-Q3-Q4 2020

First global consensus of Dexergi community platform so that DAO can value all charity projects in the market.

And Beyond:
In the coming years, Dexergi seeks to retain thousands of full-time contributors, and function as a powerful global organization for help in the transparency for all the charity projects in the world. There will be no more fraud in charity projects and everyone will receive what was promised, it is a revolution in the world of donations

Positively Private

Fast, Decentralized, Anonymous, Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency.


Dexergi masternodes are, in essence, decentralized nodes which host a wallet containing a collateralized amount of DEXR.


These collateralized nodes perform several tasks including:

Dexergi masternode operators receive a passive income for accomplishing the work of securing the network. The amount of collateral and masternodes owned determine your ROI.

Financial Role And Passive Income

Dexergi Masternodes create the first PoS based payment gateway solution, that offers automized charity donations to causes selected by the same network of DEXERGI users. Using the DEXR token they generate from transacting on the Dexergi Marketplace, they can operate their own masternodes to create a secondary passive source of income.

Running a Dexergi Masternode to earn a passive income is available to anyone who purchases the amount of DEXR collateral necessary.

Masternode Setup Guide

Our Partners

Look at our most current partners, these partners will change over time depending on the decisions of the Dexergi community.

The Next First PoS Based Payment Gateway Solution With Real Purpose


In the Bitcoin network, transactions require 10 minutes for confirmation! For a business, this is unacceptable. Dexergi transactions, on the other hand, are confirmed within 60 seconds and are most often instant.

Ownership Rewards

We have different types of reward given out to the owners of Dexergi. Masternodes and Dexergi staking. Due to our large network size, our reward return rate is very consistent and highly reliable.


The heart of Dexergi is our community. We spend a great amount of time supporting, equipping, and inspiring all, helping each community member to bring their best to the table. Anyone can help out the Dexergi project!

Low Fees

Currently, the fee to send a $25 Bitcoin transaction, e.g. to pay for a decent meal, is $0.42. The same transaction, paid with Dexergi, would cost less than $0.01. i.e. It’d almost be free!

Secure Network

Performing a 51% attack on Dexergi, a highly decentralized Proof-of-Stake network with no possibility of highly concentrated mining pools or delegated nodes, is next to impossible.

Energy Efficient

Dexergi is eco-friendly as it does not require any traditional computationally demanding miners to run its network. It’s our estimate that the energy needed to run our entire network can be provided by a single wind turbine!

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Download DEXERGI Wallet

Here are the direct links to pre-compiled wallets for your specific operating system. Don’t see your operating system here? Build from source, or send us a request and we’ll get it added.

Below are links to our Desktop Wallets and further down, the latest mobile wallets who have added us.


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Join the DEXERGI Community

Community is very important to the team at Dexergi because it’s where we build the foundation for our governance. If you have any questions for the Dexergi members or developers we’ve made it very easy for you to get in touch with them. Feel free to join any of the channels listed below by clicking your preferred logo.

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